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How to Avoid Problems of Having a Dog and a Home Alarm System

Home security companies are always a boon to every household as it keeps your properties and your lives safe and secured from possible burglars and intruders. However, reports show that home security systems might not always be favorable to home owners having dogs. Just this year, there are already 3 dogs reported to have been killed by a police after the home security system activated. It is indeed heartbreaking, but it is true. Nevertheless, here are some of the things that you can do in order to avoid police officers to shoot your dog.

Firstly, inform your security company and the local police station that you own a dog and describe your pet clearly to them. The reported dogs that have been killed due to an alleged attack are mostly Labradors, which are basically trained to guard their owner’s house. It is necessary that you leave this information clearly in order for police officers to identify your pet when checking your house for possible burglary upon the activation of the alarm system.

When your home security company calls you about a possible intrusion in your home and your dog is left at home, always instruct the alarm company about the presence of your dog at home so they will be aware of possible dealing with barking or attacking dogs.

Finally, the use of alarm system should not be considered at par with the ability of the dog to guard the house. The alarm system is installed and is not removed unless transferring to another residence but a dog can be moved away from the house like taking him to his vet or going on errands or jogging with him, which cannot make him render the necessary guarding duties in the home. Hence, it is still necessary to have your house equipped with the alarm system despite of having a pet dog.
Factors to Consider in Finding the Right Home Security Company

Are you thinking of getting home security systems in the next few months? If so, contacting the right home security companies is the first thing that you should do. It is necessary also that you know the products and services that these companies offer, so you can think ahead of time which company to make a deal with. Here are some common products and services that you will find from each home security company that can help with your decision making.

1. Wide plethora of choices of security systems – Each security company offers a number of security systems to choose from. They usually have alarms and bells, wireless security systems, remote controlled systems, acoustic security systems and many others to choose from. Knowing the different types of alarm systems available in the market is greatly important so you can choose which system suits best to your needs and preferences.

2. Discounts and Competitive Rates – Just like any business, home security companies also offer competitive rates that make decision making a lot more difficult to tackle. They also provide discounts for the first few months to enjoy your application with them. In relation to the discounted and competitive rates, these companies also offer 30-day free trials, free calls for quotes and assistance and free installation.

3. Accessibility – With the presence of the web, you can now have easy access to all of the security system companies in the country. They already have their own websites and contact numbers and e-mail addresses, which help customers find them easily.

4. Support System – All of these security system companies have their own 24/7 support online via live chat or offline via telephone call.

These are the basic factors that you should consider when looking for the right home security system company. Make sure that you compare each company with their offers and dig more research about them in terms of customer service and reliability.
The Importance of Dealing with Home Security Companies
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